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what is sweety heaven?

Imagine you can easily get your kids to do their homework, say nice words, or help organize their toys.

By using Sweety Heaven, this is possible! Set tasks, let your children choose their wished toys, then feel proud of your children gaining better manners, and enjoy their excitement when they get their wished toy.

Sweety Heaven is for the whole family .. Happier parents and good children :)

Don't just take it from us.. Listen to what other parents are saying..

I had a major problem with Maya as I tried a lot for years to let her go to bed alone without anybody beside her, Sweety Heaven solved my problem . Dad Aly

SweetyHeaven helped my child overcome his jealousy from his younger brothers and started sharing his toys with them.. Thank you, SweetyHeaven Dad Mahmoud Said

As a mom I found the effect of motivating my children in a totally new manner by targeting their tasks and duties , and connecting that with a wish list is reflected amazingly on my children's behaviour. Mom Marwa Solayman

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Sweety Heaven store has various collection of children products and toys with variety in prices and ages.
You can directly buy from our online store or you can follow the Sweety Heaven way.

Check Sweety Heaven for Schools

Sweety Heaven is offering schools an amazingly efficient rewards system to encourage students' positive attitude and good manners
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